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1.  Are you an alumnus of NC A&T State University? If not, what is your relation

to the University?

Yes, Class of 1992. Major: Business Administration – Marketing and member of

the Women’s Basketball Team 1987-1992


2.  If you could describe NC A&T in one word, what word

would it be?

Transformational – The education and campus experiences at A&T definitely

made me a better person. When I came to A&T I was a teenager and of

course, I thought I knew everything. (lol.) However, the more that I was exposed

to the faculty, staff, curriculum and students at A&T; I realized that I had a lot

more to learn. This is primarily due to the environment of "family" that is

fostered at A&T because it inspires and demands that you transform to become

the best person possible.


3.  Why do you support NC A&T athletics and its student-


My son and I both were fortunate enough to be student-athletes at A&T. The value that A&T athletics bestowed upon us is immeasurable both personally and professionally. The discipline, endurance, and fortitude that are natural components of the life of a student athlete are the exact same skills that are needed in our professional lives. If you actually take the time to sit back and think about it, athletics is all about strategy and that is the same crucial skill that is required for any business/professional industry. Athletics creates future business leaders.


4.  What prompted you to join the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

I realized that I needed to become more active and supportive and this is the perfect way for me to connect with my passion for Aggie Athletics. It’s important to me that alumni give forward because we are now an important source for the future of our institution. I want to be able to provide more students with the once in a lifetime opportunity to truly experience "Aggie Pride" because there’s nothing like it!


5.  What is your favorite Aggie Athletics memory?

Wow! I had so many that it’s hard to choose just one! The comradery that we had within our women’s basketball team was unmatched. We were regular season champs 3 consecutive seasons and to come out onto the court with hundreds of supportive & screaming fans still gives me goose bumps!


6.  What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

First and foremost I would advise them to think about the impact that athletics had on their own college experience, our university and our extended community. It doesn’t matter if they were a student-athlete or not because joining the AAF extends much further than the football field, basketball court, or bowling alley. It changes lives and in order for us to continue to provide our student-athletes with world class facilities and lifelong experiences, we need the support of all alumni. I urge everyone to join the AAF and help us continue to raise the bar and elevate the expectations of our student-athletes because they deserve it!




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