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1.  Are you an alumnus of NC A&T State University? If not, what is your relation

to the University?

Head Coach for Women’s Volleyball


2.  If you could describe NC A&T in one word, what word

would it be?

Dynamic. A&T is so alive with activity and spirit.

There are so many people working to make this historic institution

the best it can be. The students are getting a great education and

getting to work with people who are so passionate about giving

them a great experience, along with the tools needed to become

major contributors in a global society. This school is on the move

and constantly changing to adapt to meet a local, regional, national

and global world.


3.  Why do you support NC A&T athletics and its student-


There is no better feeling than to be part of an organization that has such great leadership and vision with the goal of providing student athletes with the means and a path to a career after graduation. We are growing leaders through sports. These young men and women are learning so many life lessons and we get a chance to be a part of that.


4.  What prompted you to join the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

The desire to help fund scholarships for our student athletes and to provide them the means necessary to be great athletes, great students and great people.


5.  What is your favorite Aggie Athletics memory?

I haven’t been around that long but watching the women’s bowling team win the National Championship, that’s remarkable. Winning a National title in any sport at any level is an amazing feat, but returning to the MEAC championship in volleyball after such a long hiatus is a very close second.


6.  What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

It’s a great investment in young people. You are really making a difference in someone’s life on so many levels. These young men and women are the future of our country and the world.



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