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1.  Are you an alumnus of NC A&T State University?  If not, what is your relation

      to the University?

      Spring 2008 graduate, Bachelors of Arts in Liberal Studies (Culture Change &

      Social Development)


2.  If you could describe NC A&T in one word, what word would it be?

      Different: there is no where else in the world like A&T.  Growing up in a family

      of Aggies I knew that there is nowhere else as special and different as

      Aggieland. This is my home, the memories, experiences and knowledge gained

      can never be taken away from me, just like my Aggie Pride.


3.  Why do you support NC A&T athletics and its student-athletes?

      As a former student representative on the Tuition & Fee committee from

      2006-2008, I begrudgingly agreed to support the increase of the athletics fees, but always asking the

      question "What are we doing to encourage alumni and donors to offset these increases?" Don’t believe

      me, ask Mr. Hilton!  As an alumnus, I wanted to use that experience as a way to make a small  

      difference in one of the most visible places in the life of our alma mater.


4.  What prompted you to join the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

      Joining the AAF just "happened." As I began giving to athletics it was just another opportunity that

       occurred. Having very strong athletic development staff willing to reach out and engage donors gave

       me a reason to join the AAF. Today, I look at the work that both the AAF and Alumni Association as

       complimentary, we are working to advance our university and investing in our students who are our



5.  What is your favorite Aggie Athletics memory?

      There are many, but I believe being on the court at the Scope in Norfolk when we won the MEAC

      Championship is my favorite Aggie Athletics memory.


6.  What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

      Just do it! As a young alumnus, I have a number of competing priorities, but a few small gifts over the

      course of the year can add up. Being an AAF member is one way to invest in our student-athletes, who

      are champions both on the field and more importantly in the classroom.

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