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The Aggie Athletic Foundation is dedicated to bolstering the Athletics Department at North Carolina A&T State University and nurturing the holistic growth of student-athletes, both academically and athletically. We focus on providing financial aid for athletic scholarships, improving facilities, procuring equipment, and other resources essential for achieving excellence across all varsity sports. We are committed to ensuring an outstanding experience for both student-athletes and supporters, all while upholding the utmost integrity in athletic excellence, adhering to the regulations set forth by North Carolina A&T State University, the Coastal Athletic Association, and the National Collegiate Athletic Association.

The Board of Directors at The Aggie Athletic Foundation is diligently working to elevate your involvement within this dynamic organization. By becoming a donor, you demonstrate your steadfast support for Aggie Athletics and gain access to a range of benefits tailored to acknowledge and appreciate your contribution. These benefits are our expression of gratitude for your invaluable support.

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