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DONOR SPOTLIGHT - Jonathan Smith


1.  Are you an alumnus of NC A&T State University?  If not, what is your

      relation to the University?

      Yes I am an alum; Class of 2010


2.  If you could describe NC A&T in one word, what word would it be?



3.  Why do you support NC A&T athletics and its student-athletes?

      I support NC A&T and the student-athletes because I was one.

      I understand how hard it is to be an athlete in college and all the

      different things we go through not only in competition, but with

      classes, community service, activities, finances, etc…


4.  What prompted you to join the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

      Jennifer Williams, Associate A.D./Executive Director of the AAF, explained to me what it meant to be

      involved in the AAF and exactly what I could do as a donor. She has helped a lot in understanding  e

      exactly what the AAF is and does.


5.  What is your favorite Aggie Athletics memory?

      My favorite athletic memory is just competing, grinding, and being around my teammates and

      coaches  for four years.


6.  What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

      I would say "Hey it’s already tough enough being a student-athlete; you can help out by providing

      new  innovative ways to help them succeed not only on the field, but in the classroom as well through

      scholarships and other funding."

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