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1.  Are you an alumnus of NC A&T State University?  If not, what is your relation

      to the University?

      Yes. Civil Engineering 2005


2.  If you could describe NC A&T in one word, what word would it be?



3.  Why do you support NC A&T athletics and its student-athletes?

       I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be a student athlete, earn a

       starting position in our football program, represent the University on the MEAC

       Student Athlete Advisory Council and win the Student Athlete of the Year Award

       as a senior. Playing sports at A&T enhanced my experience on so many levels. I

       benefited from participating in the mandatory study hall as a freshman. I emerged as a leader (and 

       earned some money) by working in the academic success center as a tutoring for my younger team

       mates. I was able to experience the joy of traveling with comrades all over the country (Portland, Las 

       Vegas, Maryland, Delaware, Florida, Virginia, DC, Alabama, etc.) Above all else I was able to grow into

       a man that was able to handle multiple demanding situations through resourcefulness and sheer

       determination... When I arrived at A&T in the summer of 2001 the facilities at Aggie Stadium looked

       much different. There was no fitness center, no sky box, no blue track… Those things were made

       possible by people who saw our worth. Those facilities changed before my eyes and I can truly say I

       see what happens when you invest in champions. Today I am proud to come back to A&T… I know we

       have a top notch training environment and our student athletes deserve more…


4.  What prompted you to join the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

       I  didn’t understand what the AAF did until I met the Associate AD. When she explained their mission

       I had to join. I have been so fortunate since leaving A&T and it is important for me to give back so

       someone else can have the wonderful experience I have. 


5.  What would you say to someone who is considering joining the Aggie Athletic Foundation?

      Athletics is one of the main recruiting mechanisms of our University and could become a significant

      revenue generator. With all of the challenges HBCUs are facing in the current environment it is

      essential to invest in the programs most likely to position A&T for financial independence and

       continued success. We must invest in champions… because that is what Aggies do!

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